Singles Only V2.7

Another trip around the world with just the 5 bands reviewed in the Singles Only feature.

Brigades – ‘Sucker’ | Facebook | Twitter

Punk should be such a simple genre but 40 years of angst has seen it pull and push in such a huge variety of ways it’s barely recognisable now. Brigades are now pushing post-punk back towards punk-rock, just without any of the humour. ‘Sucker’ is the lead track from the band’s new EP True Blue. It’s a fast paced, energetic romp that will have you trying to sing along on your first listen.


Witchsister – ‘Cat Called’| Facebook

Witchsister are going in a completely different direction but may actually have ended up closer to traditional punk than they intended. ‘Cat Called’ is the newest track from the American quarter and it’s unrefined, it’s imperfect, it’s raw and it’s catchy. The vocals go from in tune to borderline to experimental as the track swoops and soars through it’s three and a half minutes barely giving you time to catch your breath in there. If you just want a release these are the place to go.


Cleopatrick – ‘Youth’ | Facebook | Twitter

Heading north we have Canadian alt-rock duo Cleopatrick with the track ‘Youth’, taking you on a journey from blues to hard rock with vocals pounding over the top of drums that consistently drive the pace and tone of the track. It’s not the easiest listen first time with the vocals feeling a little forced initially but on repeated listen they start to make sense as part of an overall piece of art.


Allmind – ‘Monday (Intro) + Devil’s Dance Floor’ | Facebook

After a 69 second intro Brazil’s Allmind drop a funky ass bit of bass, open up a riff and add in some fairly basic drums and for some reason have you hooked. It’s a simple formula and one that not works so well it’s ridiculous this track hasn’t been written already. Vocally similar to 80s metal, Corrosion Of Conformity etc, the track doesn’t ever deviate from it’s simple formula and that’s quite comforting overall. If you’re up for a classic sounding piece of metal this is your jam.


DRöN – ‘Muddy Waters’ | Facebook

Back to duos, Denmark’s DRöN are back with another bass heavy, slow burning beast of a track. Nailing five minutes on the nose the track plods along in what would be a quite dull manner but the vocals are engaging all on their own and change with the tone of the music perfectly. There’s element of Lemmy’s coarse, almost metal, style vocals and that works well. It’s a track that you will find yourself listening intently to throughout.


As we’ve hit V2.0 we’re starting a new playlist too. You can still catch V1.0-1.9 below though.


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