EP Review: Fangclub – True Love


Fangclub – True Love

Record Label: Vertigo Records

Release Date: June 29th 2018

Genre: Grunge punk

Irish rockers, Fangclub have announced the release of their highly personal new EP “True Love”.  Fresh from their first ever UK headline tour the trio are set to release the 5 track EP on June 29th. Fangclub frontman Steven King stated that : “‘True Love’ is a collage of an intense year that almost ended the band. Last year I became infatuated with the idea of True Love.  But not just love of a person. Love of drink, drugs, people, actions & habits. Anything can be your “One True Love” if you let it. Love can be painful. True Love can cut deep like a Knife.”

Following this theme of passion and infatuation brings us to the lead single off of the EP ‘Knife,’ opening with some heavily distorted chords and and a very Muse like bassline ‘Knife’ sets a new tone for the band and allows them to explore with their creativity in many different ways. ‘Knife’ features a very heavy and busy chorus which sets the tone for the rest of the EP and proves that Fangclub are extremely capable of continuing the legacy of grunge rock bands such as Nirvana.

Next up we have ‘Heart is a Landmine’ which throws you straight into the action with no introduction, with yet another prominent bass line and gruff vocals this song consolidates Fangclub’s style and they absolutely own it. The chorus isn’t necessarily the fastest and most upbeat to ever exist however it doesn’t need to be, it blends perfectly with the rest of the song and provides a more powerful undertone which then builds into an energetic instrumental section before bringing it back down to the chorus.

‘Smother’ has a different tone altogether, opening without bass at all. It has a far more punk feel to it and shows Fangclub’s versatility, with discernable riffs and an upbeat and energetic chorus this is a song the pit would go wild for. The fact that ‘Smother’ is so different to the previous two songs works nicely due to its central position within the EP. The guitar solo in the middle of builds back into the chorus which has catchy lyrics and flows effortlessly on from the verse. We then have ‘Sweater Forever’ which brings the energy down once more into this mellow rock anthem which builds throughout the structured verse into this powerful chorus which continues with this slower pace whilst still managing to be energetic and have so much diversity about it from the rest of the song so it really stands out. I love this song, the melodic line is so easy to listen to as well as the instrumental line.

The final track on the EP ‘High’ opens with a sick guitar riff and fast but steady drum beat, the vocals then take on the higher vocal register and it provides this slick contrast between the rest of the songs on the EP. It was a great choice to end with as it presents something different to the ear whilst still being quite noticeably the work of Fangclub. The guitar solo is the longest one we have seen on this EP and not only shows great talent but also splits up the song effortlessly.

Overall a great EP from the Fangclub guys, it really sets a good tone for what’s to come from the band and there isn’t one song on there that feels weaker than the other ones which is always a really good sign when showing new music to the world. Fangclub are definitely worth your time and could quite easily sell out arenas in a few years.

Recommended Tracks: Knife and Smother

Rating: 8/10

Pre-Orders are available now

Catch the band live at the following shows this summer:


13th    2000 Trees, Cheltenham, UK

20th    Truck Festival, Oxford UK

27th    Sunflower Festival, Lisburn, Northern Ireland


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