Singles Only V2.9

Another trip around the world with another 10 bands reviewed in the Singles Only feature.

Morale – ‘Mirrors’ | Facebook

After featuring their track ‘Left For Dead’ in V2.1, UK’s Morale are back in V2.9 with new single ‘Mirrors’ and rounding up this edition of the feature nicely. Another slower track from the band sees them ramp up the intensity a little but with the same haunting vocals. This track feels more ‘free’ than the previous, with extra layers of depth rewarding multiple listens. Morale should be a name that you make a note of and keep track of over the coming years.


The Magic Es – ‘Wishing Well’| Facebook

Sticking in the UK, The Magic Es probably have a name ringing more bells with the 70s punk scene than classic rock but it’s the latter that they lean towards. Vocally they sounds like they’re plucked from that straight edge, clean rock ‘n’ roll sound and musically they follow a similar theme. ‘Wishing Well’ is a song that feels like it is floating through your head throughout and the three and a half minutes fly past. It may not be a track that stays with you forever but it does encapsulate Summer.


Jared Mancuso – ‘Splendor’ | Facebook

Despite not being out until the 21st of August it feels like this is the right time to introduce you to ‘Splendor’ by Jared Mancuso. Finding a unique selling point is half the battle these days with so many bands falling into the trap of recreating their idols instead of progressing them. Jared here does the latter though with a track that feels like it’ takes elements of hard rock and pop rock and creating a catchy, hybrid fusion that makes you want to get up and dance. The track is not yet in the playlist but when it’s released it will be added. Make sure you come back and listen.


Beerwine King – ‘Wolf’ | Facebook

Released a couple of days ago, ‘Wolf’ is the closing track on Beerwine King’s new album Treason and yet resembles none of the hallmarks of the last song on an album aside from the fade away at the end of it. The energy it brings to the fore is impressive and vocally it’s a welcome change from the norm seeming to take inspiration from Black Francis. If this can be replicated in the live setting not even a name like theirs can hold them back.


Karma Fire – ‘Make My Day’ | Facebook

Dropping on Monday, ‘Make My Day’ is the latest single from Norwegian rockers Karma Fire. It’s a balls out, AC/DC style rock track that holds nothing back. Is it the best rock track you’ve ever heard? No. Is it the best rock track from a band from Norway that you’ve ever heard? Maybe not. What it is though is a fun, four minute romp with an interesting twist in the tail. One that I won’t ruin for you here. Be sure to check it out on Monday.


Mass Minor – ‘Dirty Seeds’ | Facebook

Heading back to America we have Mass Minor from Texas and new track ‘Dirty Seeds’. The riff driven alt-rock track would probably not last long in the memory if it weren’t for the vocals. The effects used on them, whether it be some distortion or echo, adds such a drastic extra level to the track that it drags the synths and riffs up with it, making a track far greater than it would otherwise be, staying fresh throughout the three and a half minutes by chopping and changing pace and style.


Cult Fantastic – ‘Screens’ | Facebook

Bringing something we’ve not really seen on this feature, Cult Fantastic have all the hallmarks of early Red Hot Chili Peppers. You know, back when they used to be fun. The funky track combines so many different elements behind vocals that aren’t a million miles from pop tracks like Uptown Funk and the like. Luckily the track has it’s roots in funky rock but it will still get you moving without so much as a second thought.


Run The Asylum – ‘Dark Passenger’ | Facebook

Going back to Texas, Run The Asylum are the heaviest band featured today. ‘Dark Passenger’ is their debut single and aside from around 45 seconds towards the end belies the youth of the band. It’s an accomplished effort that doesn’t just follow all of the established bands around them. It takes some inspiration and of course there is more than can do to build an identity but now is a great time to get your foot in the Run The Asylum door.


Rare Americans – ‘Cats, Dogs & Rats’ | Facebook

The penultimate track here today heads back to the indie rock style and it feels like something quite unique is building here. Lyrics that don’t take themselves seriously, a track that heads towards a more punky sound at times and an overall sound that doesn’t make you think of a million other bands. From the off this is a track that has set itself apart from the pack.


The Paris Accord – ‘Bite Your Tongue’ | Facebook

Finally we have The Paris Accord  with ‘Bite Your Tongue’ half of a dual-single drop from the American quartet. Merging a variety of style they are on their way to carving out their own little niche in the hard rock/metal area. This is still a band finding their way in the world and the more progressive elements here could be an important factor going forwards.


As we’ve hit V2.0 we’re starting a new playlist too. You can still catch V1.0-1.9 below though.


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