MNN Presents: The Battle Of The Bands – June Final

Just has come and gone and the UK has almost melted entirely. As a result the June Final is a little late. Apologies to all of the bands!

So, in the June Final we have Sun Seth | Melisandre’s Beaver | Tormenta | A Thousand Voices battling for prizes from:

Vocalzone | Moomin Merchandise | Byron’s Yard

Plus a place in our annual final in December where they can win a PR campaign from FatAngel PR, a paid gig, their single created on vinyl and even more merch.

That’s enough reading though, listen to the four tracks here and vote below:

Sun Seth – ‘New Millenium Demigod’ –  Facebook | Twitter


Tormenta – ‘Crimson’ – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


A Thousand Voices – ‘Where Is the Enemy’ – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


Melisandre’s Beaver – ‘Charging Up!’ – Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram


Voting is open until 5pm on Sunday the 8th of July and you can vote for your favourite two bands every day. Make sure you keep coming back to ensure your favourite gets some great prizes and progresses to the annual final:


Good luck to the bands that entered!

Are you in a band and want to enter a single? For full details and to enter head here.

Finally, our eternal thanks go out to the sponsors of this competition:








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