Singles Only V2.0

Australia, the US, Canada and the UK are on the menu this time around.

Era Of Discord – ‘Buried Beneath’ | Facebook | Twitter

Heavy and melodic. Words that when put together make my ears do what happens to your mouth when someone describes your favourite food. Era Of Discord have both of those things in abundance and ‘Buried Beneath’ is a groove laden, growl fuelled bruiser of a song that, despite only taking up around 3 minutes of your life, leaves an effect. It’s not perfect by any means, a little more bass wouldn’t go amiss. It’s nice to hear a band not relying on smashing the shit out of a double bass pedal to sound heavy though. There’s plenty more to come out of this Pennsylvanian four-piece.


Caelo – ‘Wait For You’| Facebook | Twitter

Fans of Biffy Clyro take note. Caelo could be your next favourite band. Taking influence from mainstream rock from the past decade we have a band that encapsulate that spirit of rock you can listen to with you Mum, but embelish it with some more technical elements, interesting timings and wonderful harmonies. ‘Wait For You’ feels like it could be from the humble beginnings of any of those radio rock bands until the final 90 seconds where the vocals step aside and let the music take you through to the end. These South African’s could have a big future ahead of them.


Van Bellman – ‘I Hate To See You This Way’ | Facebook | Twitter

Sometimes all you need is a good old rock song. If that is this time then you need Van BellmanSometimes a basic drum beat, simple bassline and strong vocals are all you need and that is given in abundance on ‘I Hate To See You This Way’. As you listen to the track the most impressive thing is that this is the band’s first single, something that is not obvious at any point in the track and that is owed mostly to Zac Taylor’s experience working with artists around NYC. An experience that has lead to a track that could shape your Summer…or at least you BBQ this weekend.


The Contradiction – ‘Corvidae Cult’ | Facebook | Twitter

‘Corvidae Cult’ is a new track from Czech Republic based quintet The Contradiction. Clocking up just under three and a half minutes of instrumental goodness the track fuses classic prog metal riffs with a whole host of Oriental inspiration. At times it can sound cheesey, but you’re always within 10 seconds of the track changing and another element coming to the fore. From chugging riffs to pounding drums to Oriental instruments being fused in without even a moment to think about it. ‘Corvidae Cult’ keeps you on your toes throughout, though the ‘Aaaaah’ around 90 seconds is a little odd. Well worth treating your ears to though.


NEEDS – ‘Everybody Makes Me Steaks’ | Facebook | Twitter

Despite their name being annoyingly stylised in all capitalised NEEDS are the latest in a breed doing that whole ‘rock fused with hardcore fused with punk’. With vocals that on first listen sound akin to Cancer Bats’ Liam Cormier, the band pull from all avenues of the rock spectrum and mix it all together with a shit-tonne of energy and passion. Two of the most important pieces that many bands these days seem to forget about. Somehow clocking up nearly four and a half minutes, ‘Everybody Makes Me Steaks’ will appeal to fans of the aforementioned Bats and The Bronx with a track that may sound like a joke but does not pull any punches.


One Possible Option – ‘No King’ | Facebook | Twitter

Rock from Croatia may not be something you’re used to hearing but One Possible Option‘s No ‘King’ is less than 4 minutes away from going straight into your playlists. A track that would suit those beers with mates that watch the sun go down, the riffs are addictive and the vocals are encapsulating. How these guys are only just starting to get their name out there after 7 (or 10 depending on where you read) years as a band is beyond me but they should be part of your daily soundtrack from here on in.


As we’ve hit V2.0 we’re starting a new playlist too. You can still catch V1.0-1.9 below though.


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