Singles Only V1.9

Australia, the US, Canada and the UK are on the menu this time around.

Christopher Shayne – ‘Burn Me Down’ | Facebook | Twitter

Fans of AOR sit up and take notice. Phoenix, Arizona is the home of Christopher Shayne and friends. Those fans being Matt Sorum of GnR/Velvet Revolver fame and Michael Railo who hit the keys for Ozzy in 2001. As a result this track has all the hallmarks of making it huge both sides of the pond. With vocals that have Chris Cornell written all over them and more foot tapping, head bobbing southern rock goodness than a Black Stone Cherry blues track there’s so much to love here.


Sabatta – ‘Rock Star Shit’| Facebook | Twitter

I mentioned a few household names before and Sabatta‘s track ‘Rock Star Shit’ takes a look at everything that being a rock star supposedly represents. A fairly basic riff and another foot tapping drum beat take a backseat for the most part as satire is the primary dish on the menu. The contrast between the kind of lives that fans think bands live and their reality is hammered home with lyrics like “Never walk always driven, but here’s the life your’re really living. Take the bus to the Morrison’s reduced aisle at a quarter to 8 but it’s too late”. Give this track a listen and think about that the next time your stream an album you love instead of paying for it.


Harry Carman – ‘S.O.S’ | Facebook

For once a track called ‘S.O.S.’ isn’t an ABBA cover (we’ll never need another one of those thanks to Fozzy). Here we have a young musician in Harry Carman showcases vocals that sway from early Johnny Cash through to The Killers’ Brandon Flowers. The track echoes the latter more closely for the most part and you can feel the indie influence coming through from the drums and the high pitched guitars. If this track popped up in a driving playlist you’d be over the moon and not long after you’d probably be over the speed limit too.


Pedler – ‘Amazing Rage’ | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Ever come across a band that sounds a bit like a lot of things but not really like anything? Pedler are that band. With vocals so rough around the edges they almost slice your ears as they’re going in the band won’t be for everyone but give them more than a few seconds and you’ll likely be pulled ’round. Musically the band is likely to sound like QOTSA if they were on copious amounts of weed on top of what they’re already like to be on. In some ways this is hard rock by the numbers and in others something fresh to the ears. Though it’s so fuzzy it doesn’t stay fresh for too long.


Uptight Sugar – ‘Broken Love’ | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Finishing up today we have American rockers Uptight Sugar with their track that sways from slow verse to big chorus throughout keeping you on your toes throughout. Despite never venturing too heavy though as Mike Murray’s keys keep the track bluesy at it’s heart. The guitar fills from the 2nd minute have hallmarks of years gone by but with a modern twist and who doesn’t love a harmonica? As the final few seconds draw in the track reaches a crescendo and fades away and you’re just sat there, fumbling about trying to find the repeat button to jump back in again.


So there they are. Give the playlist a listen and a follow here and keep up to date with these five and the other bands featured so far:


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