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Another trip around the world, though with a little bit more focus on homegrown talent this time. Jump in to the latest 6 bands reviewed in the Singles Only feature.

JXV – ‘Trick x Treat’ | Facebook | Twitter

When bands don’t take themselves too seriously it either goes really well or horrifically wrong. Luckily for JXV they’ve managed to do pretty well here. Aside from not releasing the song in October that is. ‘Trick x Treat’ is the latest single from hardcore 6 piece JXV and it’s one that, despite hitting some of the hardcore clichés, manages to feel fresh but familiar. Lyrically it’s cheesey as hell, but hey, we all need a little cheese every now and then.


BabySaster – ‘Suite Gothique:Toccata’| Facebook | Twitter

Fans of Avatar should be keen on BabySaster and their track ‘Suite Gothique:Toccata’. An instrumental song that is as dramatic as it is encapsulating. Think A7X’s ‘A Little Piece Of Heaven’ in terms of epicness…which is now a word. Taking inspiration from Léon Boëllmann’s 1895 composition “Suite Gothique, Op. 25” it’s hard to think of anything but battles of vampires and werewolves. The cool kind though, none of that sparkly shit. The lack of vocals don’t detract from the piece at all with the style of music tapping into your imagination and forcing you to subconsciously build a narration along with it.


Morale – ‘Left For Dead’ | Facebook | Twitter

Stepping back a little now we have British alt-rockers Morale and their debut single ‘Left For Dead’. Going in to this you’re best of thinking of There’s Nothing Left To Lose era Foo Fighters in terms of the rolling guitars, melodic yet not quite clean vocals and well paced tracks. A slower start is erased after around 45 seconds when the first chorus comes and really it’s those choruses where the band excel. This is just the first track from the band but I’m excited to see where it leads.


Hannah’s Little Sister – ’20’ | Facebook | Twitter

There are any fine lines in music. One of the lines that really grates on me is when vocals are conducted in the accent of the singer. UK based Hannah’s Little Sister are using the northern twang to their advantage in ’20’, a track that adopts a self-satirical look at youth and being young. Musically it’s raw and unkempt and sounds like live it would be a riot with elements that feel a lot like the Brit-Pop tunes of the 90s. Just with a bit more passion.


Estrons – ‘Lilac’ | Facebook | Twitter

Welsh rockers up next in the form of female fronted Estrons and their track ‘Lilac’. With attention already on them with a Garbage support tour, there’s plenty to be excited about here as the punky elements combine with forceful vocals from lead singer Tali. The most pleasing element of the track is how it switches from verse to chorus with all of the elements slotting together as if it were just that simple to write a track like this. Estrons could be something special if they continue their current trajectory. Get on their UK tour later this year.


Daemon Gray – ‘Whiskey Devil Girl’ | Facebook

Finally for today we have Canadian metaller Daemon Gray and his new track ‘Whiskey Devil Girl’ a tongue in cheek, auto-biographical look at life in Canada (I assume). With lyrics like “I’ll make your body burst into flames, I’ll have you screamin’ the Devil’s name…” you know you’re in for something a little different and this track wouldn’t be too far out of place on a Marilyn Manson album, though the vocals probably hold up a little better live. If you think Buck Cherry crossed with Manson you’re probably in the right ball park. Most importantly it’s just good fun.


As we’ve hit V2.0 we’re starting a new playlist too. You can still catch V1.0-1.9 below though.


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