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Singles Only V1.5

V1.5 of the Singles Only feature is here already and we’ve got five more bands for your attention. This quintet is a mixture of genres and styles so there’s likely something in here for you. Get reading, listening and following the playlist for more.

The Dollar Bill Murrays – ‘Hate Is A Strong Word’ | Facebook | Soundcloud

With a fuzzy bassline, vocals akin to those of Josh Homme or Alex Kapranos and enough funkiness to get you dancing The Dollar Bill Murrays have gouged out what could be a little spot in their own in the rock genre. Whilst musically it can get a bit repetitive there’s enough of that funkiness to keep you interested. The QOTSA influence does seep out in a few places for sure and one area ‘The Shape You Take’ could improve is the choruses could be bigger and more defined. Overall though, this is a great intro track to the band and there is surely much more to come.


Tommy Leahy– ‘Undertow’

Sometimes a bit of that classic rock style is what you really need. When the sun’s out, the whiskey is on ice and life is just going nice and slow putting on a bit of Tommy Leahy could just improve that work fatigued mood you’re in. The soft vocals compliment a track oozing in tradition. At under 3 minutes it leaves you wanting just a little bit more which is not a bad thing if this is your introduction Tommy as an artist. One to watch for the future and listen to now.


Dûrga – ‘Stella’ | Facebook | Bandcamp

With an intro longer than some punk songs, ‘Stella’ from Spanish post-rockers Dûrga is a nine minute journey the like of which bands just don’t really release anymore. The journey starts with a melodic intro that eases you into a sort of rock version of Insomnium that feels at many points like it’s about to end before it picks up again and ever so slightly changes, keeping the song fresh but consistent. In this modern era of absorbing information quickly a nine minute track may not seem like a good idea, but it could be the perfect backing music to all of those Reddit gifs.


Breath After Coma – ‘Make Amends’ | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Greek rock doesn’t get much press around these parts though those that do, Planet Of Zeus for example, seem to be loved. Breath After Coma feel like they could get in on that love too. Sitting firmly in the ‘rock’ genre but with vocals that sometimes feel a bit Britpop they sound not quite like anything you’ve heard before…but familiar all at the same time. ‘Make Amends’ racks up just over five minutes of running time and during that time the track ebbs and flows before trailing off into the abyss. A good way to spend five minutes, that’s for sure.


Agent Osman– ‘Gravity (Can’t Break Me)’ | Facebook

Agent Osman bring the biggest and most riffest of the track featured today. ‘Gravity (Can’t Break Me)’ brings an alt-rock feast for those who love the genre. With a softly sung opening 30 seconds the jump to a beefier, rockier sound after a minute comes as a bit of a surprise. The synth elements in the background and the borderline pop vocals (that admittedly don’t always sound ‘perfect’) combined with the riffs mean the track can fit into so many pigeonholes this track is one for fans of much of the rock scale.



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