Singles Only V1.4

V1.4 of the Singles Only feature sees four bands from around the world, plus a British band that almost made their name thanks to a TV show their frontman appeared on. Check out the bands and follow our Spotify playlist to keep up to date with some of the best new music available.

Your Persona – ‘Hate Is A Strong Word’ | Facebook | Bandcamp

If the opening minute of this track was all you listened to you really wouldn’t be getting the full picture (I mean this is always the case but especially here!). With softer pop punk style vocals dominate that first 60 seconds, after a bit of an intro that makes a lot of sense when you watch the video. From there the angst picks up and with the it tone of the whole track. It’s always hard to get that live vibe through studio track but here the energy is pouring out of the vocals, guitars and drums. Close your eyes and you’re in the put.

Sir Reg – ‘FOOL (Fight Of Our Lives)’ | WebsiteFacebook | Twitter

A bit of a change here as that Irish folk sound is embraced by the Swedes. Not happy ruling the world with Ghost, Sir Reg are jumping into the world of Dropkick Murphys and Alestorm. Vocally Irishman Brendan Sheehy gives that authentic sound up front but as a band they embody everything that Celtic punk represents. A story runs through the track and it’s a fast paced, foot-tapping affair throughout that you’ll try your hardest to sing along to. A punky romp if I ever heard one.

Towers Of London – ‘Green Eyes’ | Facebook | Twitter | Souncloud

He’ll probably hate it, but would be remiss of me to not go ‘remember that dude who took on Bill Bailey on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and ended up looking a bit of a fool? His band are back’. Here though Danny Tourette is acting, borderline rapping and generally coming across like he’s matured and now ready to take his place in the rock world. The track moves away from that punk sound they encapsulated years ago and Towers Of London move towards being a more well rounded band. Choruses with harmonious vocals, a punchy drum beat and guitars that tie it together. These guys could be ready to have an impact on the scene.

Trope – ‘Lambs’ | Facebook | Twitter

Female fronted Canadians Trope have released ‘Lambs’ recently and the track is certainly a must hear for anyone that likes big vocals. With a bit of an Amy Lee style to them when singing softly the band as a whole move slowly towards a solo instrumental section just after the two minute mark. As a track it attempts to tackle bullying and expectation simultaneously, what could be a tall order is handled expertly by Diana Studenberg as her voice just grows and grows through the track before she fully lets loose in the last minute. Clocking up almost five minutes is a big surprise as the track is so engaging it flies by in what feels like moments.

Vitali – ‘Dark Star’ | Soundcloud | Website

Despite the Vitali frontman coming across somewhere between generic Euro pop and hard rock Vitali have somehow managed to carve a little corner of the Indie/Alt-rock scene out for themselves. Musically they’re similar in ways to 30STM or modern Fall Out Boy but vocally they bring something different to the party. Lyrically the track borders on cliche but the delivery makes up for this. If the track was featured on Eurovision 2019 I wouldn’t be surprised and after 2018 this isn’t even the insult it might have been back when Jedward were a thing.



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