EP Review: The Weekend Classic – Better Health

936414.jpgRelease Date: 6th April 2018

Label: Rude Records

Genre: Alternative

The Weekend Classic are an alternative three-piece from Madison, Wisconsin, made up of Chris Webster and Ryan Wells on vocals and guitar, with Christian Richards on drums. They formed in 2012 but didn’t see success until four years later after applying to the PLAY Warped Tour Program where they beat over 11,000 bands. Their debut EP, When You Had Nothing, was released in the same year, followed by More Alive, created with the help of two major pop punk names, Chad Gilbert and Ryan Key. Their success lead to the band signing with Rude Records, and now they have returned with a six-track EP.

The EP kicks off with ‘Detached’. Its soft intro and nice slow beat gives us a light introduction to the EP. The first we hear of Chris and Ryan’s combined vocals create a dramatic tone that continues throughout the record, preparing us for a creative and passionate EP. ‘Mutual Interest’ features a heavier intro than that of the first track, complete with a catchy chorus that is bound to get anyone going. This is the first song on the album that indicates the band’s passionate and emotional style.

‘Cut Me Off’ is a lyrically creative track, complete with a mix of combined vocals and a tuneful instrumental style that creates an engaging dramatic effect. This song in particular gets you thinking about the inspirations for the songs on this EP, possibly a relationship break up or an event that caused heartbreak. ‘Bleed’ is one of those songs that makes the listener feel every emotion that the band felt whilst writing it. A mix of heartbreak and anger makes this song the perfect one to have a good cry to. Both lyrically and instrumentally, the EP’s final track, ‘Daydream’, is one that will most definitely leave anyone listening wanting more from this cracking, however, unfortunately short EP.

Overall, Better Health is a pure, raw and emotional EP from an expressive and talent-filled band. This EP shows how ragingly creative The Weekend Classic are, through their use of combined vocals and style of songwriting, as well as by being able to express every emotion through lyrics, making the listener feel every sentiment. Like it did me, this EP will most likely leave fans, old and new, excited for what’s still to come. The record contains everything from passion to vigour, the bands aggressive vocal style and intense instrumentals set a high standard for others in the alternative scene. I feel that they are moving onto bigger and better things, and am excited to see what the future brings them.

Recommended Track: ‘Bleed’

Rating: 9/10

Buy Better Health here.

To hear more from The Weekend Classic, check out their website, FacebookBandcampTwitter and YouTube.


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