Album Review: Schattenmann – Licht An

854581_previewRelease Date: March 2nd 2018

Record Label: Wet Records Studios

Schattenmann are a 4 piece from Nuremburg, Germany whose debut album ‘Licht An’ is an awesome blend of gothic rock and industrial metal. The album opens with title track ‘Licht An’ which has this awesome pulse and energy to it which is such a strong way to start a record and sets a brilliant tone for the rest of the album, with deep and gravely vocals as well as this industrial style instrumental backing this is what Gothic rock is all about! Even the break down of ‘Licht An’ carries this dark and foreboding feel which really draws you in and totally captures the attention of the listener. Track 2 ‘Brennendes Eis’  opens with this almost game show like introduction which very quickly evolves into a wonderful heavy riff, Frank Herzig’s vocals blend effortlessly with the rest of the band especially in the high energy chorus which is so naturally bouncy it feels wrong not to dance around to it. With synthetic instruments and the use of typical rock instruments it gives Schattenman their own unusual style which works perfectly and really makes them stand out.

‘Gekentert’ once again opens with a stripped down introduction which evolves into this beautiful rocky greatness which I think is what really makes this track stand out to me. The verse is far less busy than in the previous songs and it works perfectly allowing us to focus on Suk’s riffs and Herzig’s voice. The chorus is so powerful and shows the bands versatility. Track 4 ‘Zahn Der Zeit’ opens with yet another unique piano introduction and a stripped down verse, the vocals are extremely passionate and sung amazingly especially when the powerful chorus comes in, it’s one of those songs that once heard would gain the attention of every single person in the room. The song builds as it progresses and has a complete different feel to the rest of the record, which is what makes it so powerful.

Track 5 ‘AMOK’ instantly brings back this industrial and gothic high energy feel. Which a strong power chord filled accompaniment as well as a more spoken verse it brings back the energy we felt at the start of the record. A very fitting track for the title of ‘Amok’ as the chorus is so busy and energetic it is very hard not to headbang too. ‘Generation Sex’ has a complete different feel to the other songs but yet again carries this highly energetic feel, with the chorus being made out of pre recorded samples it blends amazingly with the vocals and really makes Schattenmann stand out as a rock powerhouse.

‘9MM’ brings back the industrial rock feel that we have gotten used to with a strong riff and a driving drum pulse as well as deep vocals and a harmonised break down this is an awesome song which bands who had been around for years would struggle to do. ‘Krieger Des Lichts’ contains extremely strong riffs as well as this slightly pop like but still very clearly gothic rock vocal line which really stands out, especially with the use of synths during the chorus, blending genres is something which Schattenmann clearly like to experiment with and it works so well for them. With slight Marilyn Manson vibes this song is the essence of what it means to play rock music.

Track 9 ‘Trümmer Und Staub” has yet another awesome introduction which builds from this industrial synthetic backing line to a sick riff. With a strong and powerful chorus which blends effortlessly with the piano and vocals it is clear that Schattenmann should be international rock sensations as they show a unique talent which they apply to each and every song. The final track on the album self titled ‘Schattenmann’ opens with an extremely industrial ‘riff’ which gradually builds from just having a drum beat to this awesome verse with a ‘celestial’ backing vocal underneath it, this then builds into this insane chorus which showcases everything that ‘Schattenmann have to offer and it is truly epic.

‘Licht An’ is an awesome album which truly showcases what the new age of rock music should be, drawing on influences from so many genres Schattenmann clearly have an awful lot to offer and if you are traveling through Germany you should definitely check them out on their tour. Although not my go to genre of music I thoroughly enjoyed the album and if you are looking for new music I highly recommend them.

Recommended Track: Gekentert

Rating: 8/10

Check them out here.

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