EP Review: Counterpoint – If Not Now, When

 Counterpoint Cover ArtworkRelease Date: 9 February 2018

Label: Violent Tide Records

Genre: Alternative rock

Counterpoint are an alternative rock band from Manchester who have embarked upon the world of music with their debut EP, ‘If Not Now, When’. After forming in 2015, the four-piece present themselves as talented songwriters and performers through their first release.

Opening the EP is their latest single ‘Leave It All Behind’. With the upbeat guitar and drum tempos, this arena-ready song really shows Counterpoint as a band that are here to play with the big dogs in the industry. With a style resembling what can only be imagined as if Linkin Park met Papa Roach, ‘Honestly’ doesn’t dispute this big sound either. This song is instantly easy to dance along to even after just one listen and coupled with the slower and more synth-centred bridge, this song is eclectic in its melancholic rawness yet still feverent tone.

Reaching the middle of the EP, ‘Between You And Me’ begins with a heavier instrumental and more intense vocals to its predecessors. However, it’s the anthemic chorus you could easily picture a crowd of people chanting along to which truly makes the track, and perhaps even the whole EP. Then come the discorded harmonies that are just the right amount of chilling and there you have it, the stand out track off of ‘If Not Now, When’.

Next up is ‘DownDownDown’, a more pop-punk leaning track where the instrumental takes a bit of a back seat, giving rise to the vocals and the gang vocals in particular which make this such an ideal song to bop and mosh to. ‘DownDownDown’ in its simplest form is just a fun song to listen to. But, finally, comes ‘One Sided Conversations’. The initial slower tempo soon descends into a fiery chorus and the broad eclectic sound this track encompassed demonstrates the attractiveness of Counterpoint to a whole breadth of potential listeners

Overall, ‘If Not Now, When’ is a solid EP which shows great promise for Counterpoint. Although let down slightly by the somewhat generic sound and predictability of the progression throughout the EP, it is ultimately an enjoyable EP to listen to with some banging tunes on it. Especially considering this is still a debut EP, you can hope and assume that the only way is up for these British rockers.

Rating: 7/10

Recommended Track: Between You And Me

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Upcoming shows:
09/02 – Liverpool – 24 Kitchen Street
05/04 – Manchester – The Peer Hat