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Album Review: Evertim – Your Heaven Held Me Well

23674690_2013653515589637_3321853942332964606_oRelease Date: 19 January 2018

Label: Fox Records

Genre: Pop punk

Evertim are a pop punk/emo 4-piece from Brighton. Formed in late 2015 and with influences from the likes of Moose Blood and Paramore, these young rockers are certainly ones to watch out for.

Opening their sophomore EP, ‘Let Me Go’ appears to epitomise the band with an almost upbeat-melancholy vibe which progresses into an anthemic chorus and hefty bridge. Second comes the more mellow ‘Tuesday’ which is almost reminiscent of So Wrong It’s Right-era All Time Low but also incorporates a more powerful vocal line, particularly with the strong emphasis of the backing vocals throughout this track.

Moving into the second half of the EP, ‘The Road We Claim Our Own’ brings back the upbeat pop punk vibe which is accentuated by the rowdy energy of the chorus and just screams for a pit at a live show. Coupled with the minor harmonies in the bridge, this is the “edgy” pop punk song you’ve been missing. Finally, the twinkling guitar of ‘Clouds’ invites us to the end of the ‘Your Heaven Held Me Well’ and summarises the gloom, the passion and the energy displayed previously throughout the EP wrapped nicely with the bow on top.

Although only 4 songs long, overall ‘Your Heaven Held Me Well’ is an emotional and powerful EP which easily demonstrates the remarkable talent of Evertim. With a range of tempos spreading the breadth of the genre, Evertim have put out a solid EP which truly sets them up as a new band you should definitely keep your eye out for. Next they just need a full-length album under their belts and there you have pop punk at its finest.

Rating: 9/10

Recommended Track: The Road We Claim Our Own 

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26/01 – London, The Slaughtered Lamb (The Acoustic Project)
01/01 – Bournemoth, The Anvil (with Echoic)
02/01 – Southampron, The Hobbit Pub (with Echoic)
04/02 – London, The Macbeth of Hoxton (with Last Hounds & Alaina Roar)

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