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Live Review: Deaf Havana @ Engine Rooms, Southampton


Deaf Havana finally return to the UK with a string of headline shows in support of their new album All These Countless Nights, as well as this they bring along two incredibly strong supports Decade and Black Foxxes.

Turning up to the venue and seeing the mass of people crowded around to see these bands was a clear show of just how much this headline show was needed. I managed to get to a spot near the front of the venue where I had a clear view of the entire stage, within a few minutes Decade took to the stage and instantly gained the attention of the entire crowd. Opening the set with Anaemia really flung their set into full flow as the crowd moved with the music and those who were familiar with the band shouted back the lyrics. They were a very good band to set the vibe for the rest of the gig as each song raised the energy of the crowd greatly.

With a few technical difficulties, the band managed to carry on with a high amount of energy which kept the crowd easily engaged. Transitioning seamlessly between songs and ending on a crowd favourite Daisy MayDecade are certainly one to watch for the future. They kept the crowd engaged throughout their set and had a chemistry on stage which showed how close the band are. Having listened to Decade for a while I was certainly not disappointed with this performance.

After a 20-minute break, Black Foxxes took to the stage; entering to screams from fans who were extremely excited to see them there. Adopting the persona of an alternative style band they captivated the crowd during their set which also included many members of the crowd screaming back the words to Husk. Although they weren’t as high energy as Decade due to the variation between faster songs and slower songs such as River

As someone who had only heard Black Foxxes’ music a few times, I was greatly impressed by this performance and would definitely go and listen to their debut album I’m Not Well. Speaking of the new album, Black Foxxes ended their set with their title track, which created a strong, lasting impression of the band with powerful vocals and guitar lines this was a good song to put last. Transitioning easily between each song and clearly enjoying every moment of their time on stage, Black Foxxes were another good support choice made by Deaf Havana.

The tension in the air was immense as people waited for the main event Deaf Havana to take to the stage, as soon as the lights dimmed signalling their entry the crowd’s cheers erupted around the room. Opening their set with an excerpt from Stranger Things which got a cheer of appreciation from the crowd, Deaf Havana then began to play Fever to which the crowd burst into life dancing and singing the lyrics back to the London based 5 piece.

After this, the immensely popular Sing was played, which resulted in a massive cheer from the crowd and over a thousand different voices singing back the lyrics. The band played a mixture of old and new songs which managed to please every member of the crowd. Keeping the set lively, they split up sections of the shows with audio clips from Stranger Things and then burst back into song.

Toning the set down slightly the band played Happiness in which you could clearly hear the entire crowd singing back the lyrics, it was an extremely powerful moment as it’s the kind of song that everyone interprets in their own way and every single person sings it with meaning.

Deaf Havana also played many songs that they have never played before or play very rarely, which was a treat for all in the audience as it allowed them to hear songs that they may have thought they never would. The band played two songs off of their reworked version of All These Countless Nights, these were Pensacola, 2013 and also Like A Ghost. As it was nearing the end of the set you’d have thought the crowd’s energy would have depleted, however, it was just as high as ever, which shows just how good Deaf Havana are.

Ending their main set with Caro Padre, the band left the stage leaving the audience in anticipation of the encore. Surely enough after a few minutes, the band returned with Trigger which had the crowd bursting with energy, hands raised high and clearly excited to hear the song. Deaf Havana then ended the set with Anemophobia Part II which was a delight to those fans who love the bonus tracks of albums. It was perhaps the perfect song to end on as it allowed the crowd to calm down slightly and scream the lyrics back at the band.  It was a brilliant gig and I truly wish I could relive it.

The tour has only just begun so I thoroughly recommend going to a date.







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