EP Review: Driftwood Pyre – Strangeways

driftwood pyre strangewaysDriftwood Pyre – Strangeways EP

Release Date: 22nd April 2017

Label: EXAG Records

Psychedelic rock group Driftwood Pyre hail from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and have released their latest EP, Strangeways, through EXAG Records. This comes after the release of their self-titled album in November of 2015.

The EP sets off with Shatter Star, a melodic tune starting with a rhythmic combination of drums and guitar, before moving on to the soft vocals of Joe Werner. This cracking song sports an extremely catchy beat and superb instrumentals in between verses. This track is a great opener and definitely holds the listener’s attention before moving throughout the EP.

Following on from the upbeat and riff-ridden Into Blue, the record changes course as it moves on to track 3, Protozoan. We are lead into this track with an instrumental start and a continuous rhythm throughout. We are graced with stand alone vocals before a combination of lead and back up take place to create a harmonious chorus. Albeit a rather a slow and calm song, there are several breaks throughout this track which create an ongoing dramatic effect.

Track 4 greets us with The Tide, an again more upbeat tune with a catchy drum opening on behalf of drummer, Courtney Olson. The added bass to the introduction of this song is definitely one that will get the listener’s feet tapping. Followed by guitar and intriguing vocals, this is undoubtedly a song possible to have a dance to.

The EP comes to an end with closing track, Strangeways, bringing a strong beat and passionate vocals. As the song hits the 2 minute mark, there is definitely an eerie feel to the track, and as the song heads to a close, it is clear we are left wanting more.

In conclusion, this is a soulful and illusive album, with powerful vocals and outstanding use of instruments. One fault I can find is purely that some tracks from the EP are just not long enough! Certain aspects of their style of music could be compared to that of Nirvana or The Doors, however, they are a band entirely of their own, and it would be wrong not to say that they soon could be on their way to great things.

Recommended Track: The Tide

Rating: 8.5/10

If you want to hear more of Driftwood Pyre, be sure to check out the following links:

Bandcamp: https://driftwoodpyre.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DriftwoodPyre/

EXAG Records: http://exagrecords.com/shop/driftwood-pyre/



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