Eternal Fear Announce ‘The Old Tapes’

Eternal Fear, from Karlskoga, Sweden, are set to release a digital album which includes 16 tracks that were recorded between 1995 – 1997, using a 16 channel Fostex tape recorder. The album will be available through online stores ONLY!

Forming in the early 90’s, Eternal Fear have gone from strength to strength with their distinctive sound, mixing the classic sound of British heavy metal bands such as Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy with the more modern sound of In Flames and Avenged Sevenfold. The Swedish metal giants have toured the UK six times previously, with plans in place to return in early 2018.

Eternal Fear have released five studio albums and one live album with their most recent, ‘Killing Time’, being released early 2017.


1. Symphony Of Chaos

2. Insane

3. Armageddon

4. No More

5. Break Down The Wall

6. Love Turns Hate

7. Happiness Dies

8. O.D

9. Time

10. Fate

11. Look Inside

12. This Pain

13. In The Silence

14. Misery

15. Edge

16. Suffer

Eternal Fear - The Old Tapes (album Cover).jpg

The Old Tapes will be released on Sunday 1st October and will include 16 slabs of pure metal from the Swedish fivesome. The tracklisting includes the fast paced, heavy hitting track, ‘Love Turns Hate’ which will be released as a single.

Mattias, the band’s guitarist said “We get a lot of questions from fans about our old recordings as they want to hear what we did in the early days. We thought it was only fair to share these tracks with those that have been loyal to us for over twenty years. The Old Tapes includes some very rare Eternal Fear tracks which have never been heard by people outside of the band. The sixteen tracks are the first songs that we ever recorded and it is the original mixes and have not been re-mastered…so what you hear is what we recorded twenty years ago on a sixteen channel tape recorder”

Check out the teaser for The Old Tapes here:

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