Album Review: Psython – Hatred

Psython album cover

Psython – Hatred

Label: Independent

Release Date: 1st September 2017

Yorkshire thrash bastards Psython have gone and chucked out a punky/hardcore influenced new album aptly named ‘Hatred’ and its nuts!

Literally from the first song onwards its an onslaught of tremolo mashed guitars, a drummer that doesn’t let up and a vocalist who sounds angry and excited all at once. There are many words I can say about this album, but I like to keep it simple…it’s fucking MENTAL!

These guys clearly have some aggressive adrenaline induced issues which they happily take out on their song writing! I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing these guys live, but I pray their live performances are as mad as their songs. It needs to be! It has to be!

It’s a relentless album, it pulls no punches…if you’re after easy listening, its probably not for you. However, if you wanna jump around listening to hard thrashy ass metal. Then these are your guys.

Municipal Waste kept coming to mind when listening to this, but at the same time, they are very different. A cheeky melodic riff knocking around here and there really teases you!

For me, these guys were a brand-new experience, and it’s one I will most definitely be taking up again!

Keep thrashin’ boys!

Rating: 8/10

You can find Psython here:

Facebook: facebook.com/pg/psythonofficial

Bandcamp: www.psython.bandcamp.com

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