Interview with Morass of Molasses

Morass of Molasses casually going about their business and having a chat with Alex before they destroy Bloodstock Festival. This is what they had to say…

Hey guys, I’m gonna throw the most generic question out first…How did Morass of Molasses come into being?

We met at a gig in Reading, then arranged a rehearsal. During which we wrote our first song. Things came together pretty quick after that.

I have to ask, where did the name come from?

Our name was inspired by an article on Wired.com called ‘Morass of Molasses Mucks Up Boston’ it was about the Boston Molasses Disaster, where a giant storage tank of Molasses exploded, sending a tidal wave of thick sticky syrup through the streets of a Boston. This was also the subject matter of the song Rotten Teeth’ off our first EP.

What are your influences and who are your musical icons?

Between us our biggest influences from the past are bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Free. More recently; Tool, Mastodon and Elder.

morass of molasses cover pic

You guys have been announced for Bloodstock Festival’s Sophie Lancaster Stage. How cool is that? How did it happen?

It is very cool indeed! We first played Bloodstock in 2015 on the Jager stage to very enthusiastic audience. It put us on a lot of people’s radar. Since then we have kept in touch with the organisers and they have been very supportive of our career.

You guys have dropped a beast of an LP dripping with some serious low end earlier in the year, can you tell us about that? Is there anything new in the pipeline?

It took a long time to create as we never wanted to compromise any of the ideas we had. So in truth it was a labour of Love, and we are very proud of the results. Then to have something you have worked so hard on, receive such praise from the critics and the fans is amazing. As far as what we have next; We have a few of new songs in the early stages, with the idea of us releasing either an EP or a split sometime next year.

Now with the LP you guys have been playing around the country? Can you let the people know any more upcoming dates and where you’re gonna be for those?

We have several tours planned before the end of the year. However, not all the dates are confirmed yet. It’s best to check our Facebook and other social media for updates

What do you guys do outside of music that contributes to your musicality? E.g. watching shit horror movies for inspiration

Reading about mythology and going to lots of gigs

What CD is in your car right now, come on! Even if it’s embarrassing?

The newest Elder album

And finally, what does the future hold for Morass of Molasses? Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Hopefully a European tour, Desertfest is very high on our list, and Roadburn as well; But in truth we want to play them all.

You can catch Morass of Molasses on the following:

Facebook: facebook.com/pg/MorassOfMolasses

Bandcamp: morassofmolasses.bandcamp.com