Interview with Torqued

Alex got to chatting with the Torqued guys about all things Torqued…let’s just say, there’s a fair bit of ABBA involved!

Hey guys, I’m gonna throw the most generic question out first…How did Torqued come into being?

Hey man. Basically, we had unfinished business. We were in a different band together a few years ago. We love performing live. That’s where the truth comes out with a band and we strongly believe a band is all about their live performance.

Torqued band photo

What are your influences and who are your musical icons?

For myself(Kurt), Metal will always be my “go to” genre, but I’m a lover of all styles. Icon for me has to be Jojo Mayer.

For Marc, he’s a lover of anything that sounds good. I think his icon is Jonathan Davis.

Dave loves a bit of Abba. We commonly catch him dressing up as Benny Andersson… He’s actually pretty good at it(I’m only saying this because he didn’t answer my questions in time..). Icon.. Hmmmm, Mark Knopfler, or Dimebag.

You guys have recently been announced for Bloodstock Festival. How cool is that? How did it happen?

It’s incredible and such an honour. Marc was approached by Simon Hall. It was one of those “are you serious, or is this some kind of sick joke?” moments.

You guys have just dropped a beasty EP last month, can you tell us about that?

Thank you. We are very proud of it. We recorded it, Produced it, Mixed And Mastered it ourselves.

Musically, it was pretty much what we were going for sound wise. It’s all about the groove!!!

*check out Torqued’s single Hollow Core from their EP*

Now this new EP is out will you be touring? Can you let the people know the upcoming dates and where you’re gonna be for those?

We have a few shows lined up. Check our media pages for updates as and when they appear…

(wink wink)

There will be more next year though, because we are recording an album.

What do you guys do outside of music that contributes to your musicality? E.g. watching shit horror movies for inspiration…

I spend a lot of time working, but my free time consists of me drumming and watching other drummers on line. I do love a bit of horror and tv shows.

Marc runs an online business. Goblin Dreams. The things him and his partner create are just incredible. You really should have a look!!

Dave tends to spend a fair amount of time in his home studio creating music and chucking out riffs when he’s not working( and dressing up as Benny Andersson..).

What CD is in your car right now, come on! Even if it’s embarrassing?

Me- Arch Enemy- Wages of Sin

Marc- Korn- The Serenity of Suffering

Dave- I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and say..-Abba- The Visitors..

And finally, What does the future hold for Torqued? Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Exciting things. We are always busy behind the scenes. In 5 years, we’ll still be doing what we do.


You can check Torqued out on the following links:

Website: www.torqued.co.uk/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/Torquedband

Twitter: twitter.com/Torquedband

Instagram: www.instagram.com/torquedband/

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