Album Review: Planet Eater- Blackness From The Stars

Planet Eater Album Cover Blackness From The Stars 2017Planet Eater – Blackness From The Stars

Release Date: 4th August 2017

Label: Self released

Planet Eaters are back with their first full-length album after releasing their self titled EP in 2015.

They make their presence known loud and clear once again with their opener ‘The Boats’, an incredibly heavy song with some powerful guttural vocals by Turner. The lyrics match the dark and heavy music as they speak about the ancient Persian method of execution known as the boats. It involved forcing the victim inside two boats, coating them in milk and honey, and allowing them to fester and be devoured by rats and insects. Ouch.

They pick up the pace with ‘Pile Of Bones’ a thrashier song thanks to Eichhrost’s use of the double pedals, his feet must have been flapping like a total madman to produce the speeds and brutality that he does.

They continue the break neck speed in the intro of ‘Cold Confines’ but as the song progresses and slows down into more of a melodic sound, this is done without seeming rash or disjointed thanks to the superb guitar work of Hart and Ubel.
Planet Eaters love their groove this is most evident in ‘Lies in Evolution’ where the groove sits up and smacks you in the face.
Eichhrost steals the show in both ‘What They Must’ and ‘Kill On Sight’ as my ears could not take in anything else except those ferocious double pedals. That’s not to take anything away from Ubel and Hart who come up with cracking guitar solos as well as a breakdown in the main riff.

‘A Fault To Fix’ has more of a ‘core’ feel to it. I think it’s great they aren’t scared to go there, many death metal bands are and seem to restrain themselves a result. Whereas Planet Eaters show their all-round ability and having a range of influences enhances rather than hinders.

‘The Spoil’ starts off with Eichhrost playing unaccompanied with a much slower beat than usual before Bleich comes in with the bass and Hart and Ubel come in with a riff which is almost progressive in style. Finally Bleich’s vocals come in with probably the only time on the album where you can really hear the emotion in his voice, it’s so intense you can almost physically feel anger he is releasing.

The title track brings this album to a close. Introduced with a stoner riff which never really went anywhere. With an album full of twists and turns, this was an anti-climatic way to finish the album.

I loved the variety on this album, they are not a band you can put in a box as been just one thing but showcase their talent with this diverse record. But, truth be told, this album isn’t really for me. That’s not to say it’s bad, it’s a solid, record with plenty of groove which I’m sure many death metal fans will probably enjoy. Maybe it’s because death metal just isn’t my favourite sub-genre but I just felt there was something lacking; there wasn’t that hook which makes me desperate to press the repeat button.
However I still think that it’s a decent record and if you are a fan of brutal music, aggressive vocals and ancient torture methods then I highly recommend you check this album out!

Rating: 6/10

Recommend track: Cold Confines

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