Interview with Ashen Crown

After their Metal 2 The Masses Triumph, Alex got to talking with the Ashen Crown guys…needless to say, they are a little bit excited!

Hey guys, tell us about how you started as a band?

Basically Ste started advertising via social media etc… word of mouth and mutual friends putting guys forward to join, few auditions, that kind of thing. We all got chatting online and quickly got ourselves in to a rehearsal room to smash out some tunes.
Ashen Crown Band pic
You guys won M2TM Wolverhampton. Exciting Times! How you guys feeling about playing Bloodstock?

Yeah we entered with zero expectancy of progressing so far, just kinda seeing how it went. We had only played one show before the heats started so it was more for experience and the huge networking opportunities really… we thought lets give it a go and come back next year and go for the win. Winning the Competition and going on to play Bloodstock is an absolutely amazing feeling for such a fresh band. It`s such an honour to be playing Bloodstock within 9 months of the band forming, we are so excited. It`s pretty much a dream come true for all of us!

What day are you playing? What slot time do you guys have?

We play the New Blood on Friday 11th. We haven’t got our time slot as yet but the second we do we will let everyone know.

Have you got anything in the works at the moment?

Aside from Bloodstock and the killer warm up shows. We are playing SophieFest in Cov, just cashed in one of our M2TM winners prizes at Robannas Studios and begun recording the debut single “Fall of Thine Eyes”. We are also making a start on the Video to go with it, hopefully we can get it out in time for BOA but time is really against us there. There are plans post Bloodstock, to get another M2tm Prize used up at Sherdder Live Lounge and get the EP Started with Jay.

What does the rest of 2017 look like for Ashen Crown?

Mostly trying to build on the M2tM win and keep momentum going, EP release, 2nd Video and Gigging hard. Luckily the guys at FATangel Management have been awesome and secured us some sweet shows later this year, we shall be announcing those soon. Our signing off for 2017 will be supporting Death Metal legends Memoriam at the Asylum, Birmingham on 8th of December. Then hit the rehearsal room to get the new material worked on ready for 2018.

If an Ashen Crown fan wants to find you guys online, where do they look?

Best place is probably Facebook, although we are on most Social Media sites.

A little off topic, but if you had to choose your favourite metal album ever…what would it be and why?

Collectively it would be impossible, as our influences are quite wide ranging. Kieran`s is Gojira – Terra Incognita, Jay`s is Lamb Of God – Resolution, Chris is Death – Individual Thought Patterns, Phil is Gojira – Way of all Flesh and Ste is Megadeth – Rust in Peace. From what we have spoke of, I would say they all really had part in shaping our styles of playing we like and where we base our influences. Probably the first album that you put on and were left in awe at its brilliance. To be fair we could have probably chose ten or more each.
Check these guys out on social media and in a venue near you! They are not to be missed!

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