Album Review: Dawn Of Disease – Ascension Gate

DawnOfDisease_AscensionGate_HighRes_CDDawn Of Disease – Ascension Gate

Release Date: 11th August 2017

Label: Napalm Records

The death metal scene in Germany seems to be one of the strongest scenes across Europe. So many bands make it big over there that don’t even see the light of day in the UK and Dawn Of Disease are a good example of this. I mean the name itself is as unreserved as as they come, something us Brits are well known for being. But musically they don’t seem too far removed from what’s heavy and popular over here.

Kicking off with what is basically a three minute intro, ‘Passage’ gives a good look into what’s to come. The guitars are sinister and it builds on itself slowly through those three minutes but never quite reaching a crescendo here. The next track though is all crescendo. The blastbeats that are so synonymous with death metal are used and quite frankly abused here. I personally love a band that can be heavy without having to resort to smashing the shit out of a bass drum, ‘Perimortal’ almost achieves this but the drumming through most of Leprous Thoughts leaves me wanting.

This album isn’t bad. The melodic riffs are addictive and the technical acumen shown throughout is impressive. It all just feels a bit let down by the drums. It will connect with many fans as it is sort of symbolic of the genre, but for me I feel like they could be doing more than this and better than this too.

Rating: 6/10

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Line Up:
Tomasz Wisniewski – Vocals
Lukas Kerk – Guitars
Oliver Kirchner – Guitars
Christian Wösten – Bass
Mathias Blässe – Drums
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