Interview with Abhorrent Decimation

After having the pleasure of reviewing Abhorrent Decimation’s latest rendition ‘The Pardoner’ found here, I got round to having a chat with the guys. This is what they had to say:

Hey guys, let’s jump right in here…How did Abhorrent Decimation come into being?

After taking a break from being in bands, I was a little lost creatively and wanted to get back into it. So I started jamming with different groups of guys in search of potential band members. At one of the jams I met a guitarist and things just rolled from there. The two of us wrote an EP and got friends in to complete the line up. We released a video and started gigging and the reception was great and just took off from there really.

What are your influences and who are your musical icons?

My influence is super simple. It’s my desire to achieve/realise my childhood dreams. I was always taught to never give up on what I wanted from life, never to settle or exist in a stagnant manner. I don’t dream of being a rock star or any of that bull shit. I dream of being an artist who can communicate himself and use what I do as a way of making sense of my own world. Someone who can inspire others and reach people on a deeper level. My musical icons are people like Maurice White, Luther Vandross, Roger Troutman, James Brown etc. These people are inspiring artists to me. People whose performing personas reached out and achieved on higher levels.

You guys have recently signed up with the major label Prosthetic. How cool is that? How did it happen?

Yeah pretty cool. TEAM PROSTHETIC (all the guys at Prosthetic Records and Hold Tight PR) are great. They are really taking care of us and pushing things as hard as possible. Having that guidance and advice is so important at this stage. The signing came about when Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder shared a link to our last album on their facebook page. Off the back of that post, we was contacted by a couple of labels and after meeting with reps and owners from those labels, Prosthetic came across the best for me and I felt we could trust them with our band.

You guys have just dropped a belting new album, can you tell us about that?

‘The Pardoner’, yeah – what a joy. I decided we should do a concept album and when I was researching ideas, via a recommendation, I got onto Chaucer and looked into a handful of the stories from ‘The Canterbury Tales’ before I finally stumbled upon ‘The Pardoner’s Tale’. Then once the band was all in on the idea, things just took off from there. The demo music came together fairly quickly, considering how much detail was put into it all. The lyrics and vocals are probably the most time consuming part of the process as I take a while with it. But we had so much fun working on that album. It really was a lot of work as this time, we went really deep into everything and no idea was off the table, no restrictions. Our main songwriter/Bassist/Producer, David Archer really had his hands full this time around though ha. But we all found our way. We got it done and the album was released in time, so all is good. We was way more relaxed as a band when we was in the studio, which made the process much more fun than our last album was. Our relationship as a line-up has never been better, so the studio sessions where a lot of fun, we really got into it!

Abhorrent Decimation album art

Now this new beast of an album is out will you be touring? Can you let the people know the upcoming dates and where you’re gonna be for those?

We are working on booking as many shows as possible at the moment. We just want to play, play and play.

So expect a load more to be announced soon but for now, you can catch us as below…

10/08   London – The Underworld (supporting Whitechapel)


23/09   Leeds – Temple of Boom

07/10   Brighton – MAMMOTHFEST

10/10   Glasgow – TBA

11/10   Manchester – The Star & Garter

31/10   York – The Fulford

05/11   London – Boston Music Rooms

08/11   Cardiff – TBA

17/02   Cardiff  – Cathays Centre

What do you guys do outside of music that contributes to your musicality? E.g. watching shit horror movies for inspiration…

Archer and I like to read, we may not have as much time to read as we would like but nonetheless, we enjoy novels. Language is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. I also like to paint. It helps me make sense of things. Abstract expressionist kind of stuff.

What CD is in your car right now?

Thundercat – Drunk

And finally, What does the future hold for Abhorrent Decimation?

We’re taking each day as it comes. It’s a constant creative process, so we need to be keeping our options open. As long as we move forward, I am happy. We just  want to play out as much as we can! Hit us up on social and keep in touch!

So, as you can see, these guys are paving the way for UK Death Metal. If you want to see/here more from these guys, hit up their pages. Links below:

Website – www.abhorrentdecimation.com/

Facebook – www.facebook.com/AbhorrentDecimation/

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