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Single Review: Artio – Sertraline (feat. STRAIGHT GIRL)

Artio – Sertraline (feat. STRAIGHT GIRL)

Release Date: 26th July 2023


If you’ve been paying attention to Hardbeat in 2023 then you’re probably already aware of Artio from when we covered ‘Demigod’ and ‘Worthless’, well at the end of July they teamed up with STRAIGHT GIRL to unleash their dance-infused rock on even more of you. The signature bouncing guitars are drums are there as well as huge vocals, though that’s only half the story on this track.

Taking aim at a government that couldn’t care less about the health of its people, let alone the mental health of the young, ‘Sertaline’ is named after the drug that has been prescribed over 38 million times in the UK alone. That’s one prescription per adult. Further proof we’re being failed by the people who are supposed to lead.


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