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Review: Bad Omens @ The Garage, Glasgow 27/02/23

American Rock Band, Oxymorrons knew how to hype up the rowdy Glasgow crowd, Giving boyband vibes with their synchronised moves and cracking jokes to the crowd, evening earning the first classic Glasgow chant of ‘Here We F**king Go”.  Oxymorrons is definitely a band to keep an eye on and we recommend seeing them live if they are near you! The immense energy that was projected from this band was another level, their moves were hypnotic, You can listen to Oxymorrons new single ‘Enemy‘ on Spotify or Apple Music.

Image by Tommy Vo

Taking the stage next, Germany’s own Electronic Metal band, GHØSTKID were ready from the get go for Glasgow, they knew actually how to hype the crowd and even got them singing along to their chants, If you ever want to be involved in a mosh pit, this was the band to do it too, even having two of their members join in the circle pit WHILE playing still! They are definitely a band to check out and will be in our own radar, Glasgow loved them, evening causing their own circle and mosh pits throughout their set, GHØSTKID have an incredible stage presence! You can listen to their latest single ‘HOLLYWOOD SUICIDE‘ on Spotify or Apple Music.

Image by Benjamin Klose

Having last headlined Glasgow in 2017, Bad Omens have certainly been missed by their fans here, Having sold out Cathouse and then their upgrade to The Garage, Their fan’s were definitely excited, opening with the classic ‘CONCRETE JUNGLE’, raising the energy in the room straight away, Crowd surfers were constant at this show, most people spending more time in the air than the floor, evening looking into the crowd and seeing a rowing pit was a laugh, it was so nice to see fans all together and enjoying shows again, Bad Omens knew how to wrap this crowd around their fingers, the setlist was full of chants and had the crowd nearly in tears during ‘Just Pretend’, ending the night with ‘What do you want from me?’, although we wish that they could play their entire discography, the setlist catered perfectly for new fans as well as the old fans and Bad Omens certainly live up to the hype that surrounds them online. Haven’t checked out Bad Omens? (What are you doing!) give their latest album ‘THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND‘ on Spotify or Apple Music!

Image by Bryan Kirks



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