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Single Review: Demonship – Pull The Lever

Demonship – Pull The Lever

Release Date: 24th December 2022


What should have been an early Christmas present last year has turned out to be almost an Easter treat as ‘Pull The Lever’ by American hard rock mob Demonship passes through.

Trying their best to bring a haunting, dystopian vibe to their music and accompanying artwork, the band are combining many elements from the past few decades. Powerful and angry vocals through the verses culminate in a release of passion in the choruses that is backed by almost The Smiths style backing vocals in places.

In the modern world of music things can often feel stale and overproduced until something a bit different comes along. Demonship showed at the back end of 2022 that they can be that band this year by combining some of the nu-metal elements of the early noughties with something a bit more contemporary.


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