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Single Review: Ryan Cassata – if you ever leave long island

Ryan Cassata – if you ever leave long island

Release Date: 23rd February 2023


Love letters are usually written to either current or prospective partners, not enough of them are just to your mates. That’s where Ryan Cassata comes in with his first track on the Kill Rock Stars label, ‘if you ever leave long island’.

The track itself is a catchy affair with some entertaining rhyming that will likely sit well with fans of the likes of The Dirty Nil. The fact it was written to Cassata’s friend begging them not to commit suicide just adds to the effect of the track. It enhances the emotion, pushing it into the territory of passion, and makes you sit back and truly take in the lyrics instead of focusing on whatever else you’re doing.

Cassata may be at the softer end of the punk spectrum, ‘if you ever leave long island’ hits hard emotionally.


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