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Single Review: Swim The Current – We Are Not The Same

Swim The Current – We Are Not The Same (Feat. Marcos Leal of Ill Nino)

Release Date: 20th January 2023

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Bringing some under-appreciated vocalist on each track you release is certainly not a move all bands would pull off but here we are, with Swim The Current, doing exactly that and having it work perfectly well.

Latest single, ‘We Are Not The Same’ draws on the experience of Ill Nino’s Marcos Leal bringing a fresh vibe to the track and really driving home a sound that draws on many early 21st-century bands. First listen brings out the feel of Sevendust with their chugging riffs and variety of vocal styles.

If Swim The Current can keep things fresh by changing things up at the front of the band as they wish to then this could be a really exciting project and should lead to some really exciting collaborations at festivals.

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