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Album Review: Anchor Lane – Call This A Reality?

Anchor Lane – Call This A Reality?

Release Date: 27th January 2023

Catchiness is the order of the day as Anchor Lane’s second album, Call This A Reality?, looks to kickstart the career of a band that looked to be doing all the right things in 2020 before…well you know. With time having been robbed from them, this second album looks to set things right.

Out of the blocks ‘Stutter’ brings the energy in pure alt-rock fashion. A style that continues throughout the twelve songs in some form, though never in a fashion that feels repetitive. Verses that actually feel like they build to something rather than just go through the motions, infectious singalongs, and a general all round feeling of wanting everyone around them to have a good time. A strong opener at a level that is maintained as the anthemic rock tracks come thick and fast.

 Title track ‘Call This A Reality?’ wins the title of ‘danciest’ song on the album (an award we may start handing out as part of every review) with the bass driving the song into your very core before ‘Choke’ teases a punk-rock intro before launching into a hard rock, riff-driven beast of a song. The highlight of a strong album; or at least you think it is before ‘Electric Karma’ rocks up. Choosing between these two is like choosing your favourite Bluey character (it’s Lucky’s Dad and that’s the final answer).

Really though, Call This A Reality? has a dozen tracks of which at least three-quarters feel like they’ll be an absolute blast live and, as a piece of work, the album has all the hallmarks of one that you will just come back to time and time again.

Rating: 8/10

Standout Tracks: Choke, Electric Karma

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