Albums of the Year 2021: Tim Bolitho-Jones

1.Orden Ogan – Final Days

Orden Ogan have been threatening to break out from the pack for years and in 2021, they finally delivered a power metal masterpiece. Final Days is eleven tracks of heavy metal joy that just seems to get better with every successive listen. It’s got more hooks than a warehouse filled with coat racks and every song could have been a single. Like Sabaton before them, they have the potential to become arena fillers and for pure escapist fun, Final Days can’t be beaten.

2.Brainstorm – Wall Of Skulls

3.Employed To Serve – Conquering 

4.Unto Others – Strength 

5.Seething Akira – Dysfunctional Wonderland

6.Powerwolf – Call Of The Wild

7.Slaughter To Prevail – Kostolom  

8.Evile – Hell Unleashed

9.Gojira – Fortitude 

10.Our Hollow, Our Home – Burn In The Flood 

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