Top 10 Songs by LLNN

Ever wanted to know what kinds of sounds and influences go into creating some of the most unbearably heavy and abrasive music in the world? Of course you do! Read on to get our top-10 list with the apocalyptic Danish noise merchants, LLNN


1: Breach
My life changed when I first heard “It’s me god” back when I was a teenager. Their music just makes sense to me in a profound way. Everything is just how it’s supposed to be and there’s nothing I would change. Perfect band and my one of my favorites. Check out “It’s me god”, “Venom” and “Kollapse”.

2: Crowpath
Back in the early 2000’s when I started going to shows, I made it a point to never miss these guys whenever they where on Danish soil. What a fucking monster! Everyone would just stare blankly, while the sonic mayhem of these guys would unfold. Like a weird mix of everything I like, thrown in a sentient blender from an evil parallel universe. I’m friends with the drummer and we’ve been talking about doing something together called “Øresund Slam Connecticut”, but we’re still negotiating the ratio of blastbeats and slamz, haha. #oldboys – Their entire discography comes highly recommended if you hate yourself, haha!

3: Lack
Lack are hardcore legends in Denmark and for good reason. They started out really chaotic and continued to refine their expression throughout their years of existence. They focused on themes I felt was important for me to hear, being a kid from the suburbs of Copenhagen. Their guitarplayer Jakob also recorded our records “Marks” and “Loss”, so we have a deep connection to those guys. Fantastic band.

4: Czar/Jim Fear
Great friends of LLNN and people we have played in bands with, in all sorts of constellations. Initially called Jim Fear, they released a record in the mid 2000’s that’s just impossibly good and then just up and vanished – until about 2014/2015 anyway, where keypeople from Jim started Czar. I’d call it a continuation of what they did with Jim Fear, but that’s also somewhat selling it short. It’s incredibly “euro” sounding to me and has this swagger about it that I just love to death. Sadly they don’t exist anymore. We miss touring with them!



Jim Fear:

5: Abandon
These Swedish doomers were just the best of the best. Sadly they lost their singer. Evil as hell music on par with Neurosis in my book.

6: Elitist
Idiots… but they are MY idiots. Used to play with these guys(minus their basplayer Thomas) in a grindcore band called Piss Vortex. They’ve continued playing together after Piss Vortex ended and I have a feeling that these guys will go far. They have the talent to do so.

7: Hiraki
Also great friends of LLNN and not much to say but that they rule and are doing something uniquely their own. Can’t wait to hear where they end up next time!

8: Eyes
Rasmus the basplayer from LLNN’s other band, where he plays guitar. It’s like this weird mix of mathcore and Pissed Jeans and I’m all for it. Underperformer was one of my favorites the year it released. I just love when people you care about hits it out of the park like this. All killer!

9: Anti Ritual
Great friends of mine and a band that I feel will become a force to be reckoned with. Great grindy-crust with great songs and emotional depth.

10: UDS
Some of my best friends play in this band and sometimes it annoys me how good they are and how little they do about it, haha! Too Fast For Love rivals everything Rotten Sound, Nasum and so on have done in my book. It might even be a little bit better. Insanely fast and just awesome!


Unmaker, the new album from LLNN is available now

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