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Album Review: Interference (Of Light) – Newton Faulkner





Record Label: Battenberg Records

Release Date: 20/08/2021

For Fans Of: Feeder, Ben Howard, Frank Turner


It’s been a turbulent year or two on Planet Earth to say the least, but a wave of optimism and hope is slowly creeping into our lives as we contemplate the light at the end of the tunnel. Providing us with a positive and uplifting musical soundtrack amidst this backdrop is the faultless Newton Faulkner, and Interference (Of Light) simply radiates summer vibes and better times. Light the barbeque, crack open a cider, and immerse yourself in the experience.

If there’s an ounce of despair or sadness in your heart today, ‘Four Leaf Clover’ is just what the Doctor ordered. An injection of positivity in the form of a spritely number that will have your toes tapping before you know it. ‘I Can Pretend’ is a track with so much groove you’ll find yourself throwing some shapes that wouldn’t look out of place in Pulp Fiction (although Uma Thurman’s moves will take some beating, let’s be honest). The rays of sunshine don’t stop there though, with ‘Together’ comes the slight aura of a church congregation swaying and clapping their hands in unison, unified in their belief that Newton Faulkner is the certified master of Summer bangers.

There are softer aspects of the album that older fans of Faulkner will find comfort in on Interference (Of Light). ‘World Away’ is a gorgeous track that showcases the depth of craftsmanship that is widely associated with his work, as is the gut-wrenching and hauntingly beautiful ‘Here Tonight’ that removes all the bells and whistles the rest of the record experiments with. These tracks go back-to-basics, and there’s no shame in the fact that these areas of the record Faulkner seems most comfortable and at home.

While personal development is always encouraged and artists should always be praised for attempting to evolve and grow in their sound, the drawback of this album is its overly experimental nature. Like seeing your friend with a new haircut, you do get used to it, but in this case you’re still not entirely sold on whether it suits them. Tracks such as ‘Ache For You’ and ‘Killing In Time’ don’t quite work, with the quality of Faulkner seeming a little suffocated by the contrasting directions they try to take listeners down. It’s a little unclear where the journey is attempting to lead us on songs like these, and it’s not the most enjoyable trip to get there either.

Faulkner explores new ideas and pushes his own boundaries in the quest of musical exploration on Interference (Of Light), so if you’re looking for 17 versions of ‘Dream Catch Me’ then you’re in the wrong place; That’s what the repeat button on Spotify is for. The songs are a little simpler than fans of his might be used to, and some tracks feel out of place or even wide of the mark, but the talent is still unquestionable and they’re nearly all enjoyable efforts nonetheless. It simmers, sizzles and shines away, glowing and effervescent, but with a modesty that makes for a pleasurable, easy-listening experience.

Rating: 6/10

Recommended Track: ‘Here Tonight’

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