Singles Only: Mid-Year Catch Up 8

Dead Friends – Ultrabysmal

Release Date: 19th March 2021

Genre: Hard Rock

From their first full-length release, Dead Friends gave us ‘Ultrabysmal’, a track that came about as a reaction to the past year and how fucked up it all was.

With contrasting vocal styles throughout, powerful riffs and an energy that will have you struggling to keep still from the very start, it feels like a year of uncertainty has galvanised the American rockers and the result is exciting.


Nephilim – Lucifer’s Fall

Release Date: 26th May 2021

Genre: Metal

Heading to the depths of Germany next we have Nephilim, a band name which in itself gives them a lot to live up to.

With huge, atmospheric riffs the order of the day, there’s little not to like as soaring guitars are backed by pounding drums and brought together by filthy vocals. A triumph of all things heavy.


Soul Debt – Catacombs

Release Date: 15th June 2021

Genre: Metal

Drawing on all corners of the metal world, Soul Debt come at you with one of the heaviest sounding names that have crossed our paths in a while.

The New Jersey band formed in the middle of last year and the results of their labours of the past 12 months are plain to see. The vocals contain real venom, the riffs are as technical as they are heavy and an there’s all-round vibe of just balls out-metal.

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