In Conversation With…. Divide and Dissolve

Today, instrumental duo Divide and Dissolve release their haunting epic, Gas Lit. The album expresses their experiences as indigenous people and the fight for Black and Indigenous Liberation, access back to their land, and the destruction of white supremacy.
The following interview was conducted for our upcoming magazine, which you can purchase here. But we wanted to celebrate an important record on its date of release, so here’s the entire uncut chat with the band. Please read.


HB: Gas Lit is so powerful it doesn’t need lyrics. But from your perspective, how did you use instrumentation to give people voices?

D&D: “Music is an effective way to communicate. Words are oftentimes unnecessary. It feels in line with the theory about most communication does not occur with words. Our music functions in a similar way when communicating our message of hope, liberation, freedom, decolonisation, Indigenous Sovereignty, and the destruction of white supremacy. People are able to experience resonance and have an understanding without the use of lyrics.”

Did you find the writing process to be healing?

“Connecting with our ancestors, inspirations and with each other in this realm is very important and healing. Healing happens in many different ways and is ultimately extremely personal. Playing music is vital for both of our health (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual).”


How does the album reflect the experiences of your ancestors? What stories of theirs were you trying to tell?

“By our existence we are inherently telling a story about survival and resilience. We are in direct opposition to our dispossession and our relatives’.  There are other narratives being woven in with our music. Very excited to explore these and learn more in the future.”

Once people have listened to Gas Lit, where do you recommend they go next for information on dissolving white supremacy and learning more about the experiences of indigenous people?

“Your preferred search engine for finding out who the traditional owners of the land you are on and learning more information about giving that land back if you happen to be a settler on that land.”



K’e infoshop: http://www.keinfoshop.org/

Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance: https://www.instagram.com/warrevolt/?hl=en

Prison Abolition: https://innocenceproject.org/

You can listen to/buy Gas Lit by Divide and Dissolve here.

You can also pick up a copy of Hardbeat’s first magazine here.

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