Singles Only 2020: The YeahTones – Nicotine

The YeahTones – Nicotine

Release Date: 4th December 2020

Genre: Garage Rock

If you were to create a truly American garage rock band that encapsulates the majority of the biggest names from the US of A over the past 60 odd years then you’re probably dabbling in the territory of The YeahTones and their new single ‘Nicotine’.

Released at the back end of last week you can feel some of the classic rock from many decades ago merged with some surf rock and even some of the more modern indie stuff in there too. This is a track that pays homage to its predecessors whilst keeping itself nicely up to date too.

Recorded in one take, ‘Nicotine’ will get the blood pumping and those feet tapping nicely and if that’s the only exercise you’re getting at the moment no one will judge you.

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