Singles Only 2020: The Blood Republic – Just How It Goes

The Blood Republic – Just How It Goes

Release Date: 22nd November 2020

Genre: Alt-Rock

A cheeky little extra now from British rockers The Blood Republic as ‘Just How It Goes’ dropped last week, the song being a bonus song from their 2019 debut album.

With vocals that would still seem moody alongside a band like Puppy and drumming that wouldn’t be amiss on a Royal Blood song, ‘Just How It goes’ is a complicated affair that keeps your attention despite being a slower, ploddier track than might be expected.

Those familiar with Wild Lies, and there will be many of you as they played Download and supported Iron maiden enough times, will be wanting to give this a spin as Zac Muller adds a grungy undertone to a pounding alt-rock anthem.

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