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Singles Only 2020: Kids Of Yesterday – Horsin’ Around

Kids Of Yesterday – Horsin’ Around

Release Date: 27th November 2020

Genre: Punk / Rock

When you think of gambling in rock you probably think of Ace Of Spades. You don’t tend to get many tracks that focus on the negatives of things like the gambling industry but it is a vice that tears families around the world apart and ruins lives. Roll on Kids Of Yesterday and their track ‘Horsin’ Around’ which does indeed bring that to your ears.

At a bit of two and a quarter minutes, the song lasts as long as the average gambler’s money does on a horse race and that is as poetic as the track is fast-paced and fun.

You’re going to need your best dancing shoes to this one as you can just feel those dingy clubs calling you to jump around when this is blasted out. ‘Horsin’ Around’ is a strong song but will come into it’s own live.

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