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Album Review: JSA – Fool’s Empire

Release Date: 02/12/2020

Record Label: Undead Collective Records

For Fans Of: The Vaccines, Circa Waves, The Cribs

South London five-piece JSA are back with a bang, a crash, and a whallop with Fool’s Empire. Three exhilarating, aggressive tracks that are an effortless listen, and leave you with a taste for more. It’s alt-indie as fuck and it’s damn bloody good.

The title track, Fool’s Empire, is an angsty number about the fine balance that exists between work and play. Vocalist David Marley admits that penning the track was a form of catharsis for him, and the track has an equal abundance of groove and grit that make it an impressive effort. When live shows return (remember those?), the chorus has the potential to whip crowds into a relentless frenzy.

‘Orange Juice’ from JSA might require a few plays in order for you to really concentrate, but it’s just the hit of Vitamin C you need. Okay, enough of the orange puns or I’ll run out of juice. Seriously. Enough. It’s smooth, tasty, and full of energy. Yes, I’m referring to the track now. Lastly, ‘Down & Out’ is a playful tune with a rawness to it, an unpolished diamond if you will.

JSA mark their return with Fool’s Empire in an emphatic way, a rip-roaring belter of an EP that is unfortunately over as quickly as it begins. It’s an enjoyable record that is well worth checking out.

Rating: 6/10

Recommended Track: ‘Fool’s Empire’

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