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Release Date: 13/11/2020

Record Label: Rude Records

For Fans Of: Don Broco, VUKOVI, Boston Manor

If you’re looking for some charismatic, alternative pop-rock then rest assured you’re in the right place. SUPERLOVE are here with a self-titled EP that is the sordid and unexpected love-child of Years and Years, Don Broco, and Muse. You heard it here first. Buckle in, this EP is an intergalactic exploration of the pop-rock cosmos, so it goes without saying that SUPERLOVE is out of this World.

If you’re in need of a reason to dust off those dancing shoes then look no further than ‘Untouchable’, bubbling with a relentless and contagious joy that is as smooth and slick as they come. It’s an effort which showcases a PG-13, pre-watershed side to SUPERLOVE, however, even the bubblegum pop undercurrent of the track still has a little grit at its core with its deeper meaning and lyrical content about picking yourself up when life knocks you down. ‘Life Is Great’ is another example of such work, an electro-pop explosion out of your speakers that can be heard for miles.

It’s very high praise to say ‘I Love It’ wouldn’t look out of place on a Don Broco release, so such a statement shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s got a big alternative sound that dabbles in pop, rock, and every sub-genre in-between, like ‘HALF MAN HALF GOD’. As opening tracks go, it’s a smart choice that generates a sense of intrigue and leaves a lasting impression.

‘THINK ABT U’ is an alt-pop anthem that sounds vast and limitless in its performance, as though it is being belted out from the highest peaks to the deepest valleys below, echoing for eternity. In-between hearty choruses and empowering messages, the synth simmers in the background and leaves us in what feels like a fantasy. Similarly, ‘Bruce’ has the feel of Matt Bellamy on hallucinogenic drugs as we venture into the ether, with the haunting but beautiful vocals sending us on our way with no grip on reality or normality any longer.

The Bristolian trio create a unique blend of anthemic choruses, atmospheric soundscapes, and more pop hooks than a sing-along at a nursery. SUPERLOVE never settles, never grows comfortable, and never stops evolving. It’s unique for sure but by no means a novelty effort. It’s increasingly impressive and dauntless, verging on audacious; this EP knows how good it is and it isn’t trying to hide it.

Rating: 7/10

Recommended Track: ‘Untouchable’

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