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Singles Only 2020: Radio Aftermath – We Eat The Buffalo

Radio Aftermath – We Eat The Buffalo

Release Date: 6th November 2020

Genre: Alt-Rock

The true strength of alt-rock is it’s ability to have some killer riffs dispersed between the softer elements and Radio Aftermath’s ‘We Eat The Buffalo’ is a great example of this.

The band admitted this song was an attempt to progress their punk rock roots and from the intro you can hear that shining through. With those aforementioned riffs sat beneath some punky vocals, there’s something for pretty much every rock fan to get involved with here.

‘We Eat The Buffalo’ is a release of energy that leaves you wanting more and is a great follow up to their other track this year ‘Kiss From A Rebel’. It’s hard to think that this is just the 2nd song the band have released.

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