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Singles Only 2020: Dead Bundy – Better Alive

Dead Bundy – Better Alive

Release Date: 6th November 2020

Genre: Punk Rock

Fans of the early 00’s skate scene will have all sorts of nostalgia when listening to ‘Better Alive’, the latest single from American punk rockers Dead Bundy. Fans of the latest Sum 41 album will recognise the style too. In fact, if you were to combine the vocals The Offspring’s Dexter Holland and the musical maturity of Sum 41’s Order In Decline you’re probably just about finding yourself at the feet of Dead Bundy.

Emotional lyrics, fast-paced drumming and the atmospheric tone of the track as a whole make this the sort of music you would want to have spawned from a scene that will likely admit itself, peaked shy of 20 years ago. ‘Better Alive’ is a wonderful homage to the past 20 years of punk rock.

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