Singles Only 2020 – King Youngblood – Yakubian Antics

King Youngblood – Yakubian Antics

Release Date: 23rd October 2020

Genre: Rock

“We do not have the opportunity to act as if this is not going on”. These are strong words from a strong person. As the world faces a pandemic the likes it hasn’t seen for over a century, the black community is still facing the same oppression it has been facing since long before then.

King Youngblood’s aim is to bring alt-rock up a few levels and there is no doubt that this is achieved on ‘Yakubian Antics’, but they also achieve much more as they keep the word of a black woman’s protests, that woman is Jaiden Grayson.

There are such strong words throughout the whole song that the sheet talent in the band is lost. Words like “who is holding the lid to the pot?” referring to the pot that keeps the masses fighting against each other. This is a statement track in so many ways. Get this on loud and get angry at the world…then do something about it.

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