Singles Only 2020: Attendant – Bootlicker

Attendant – Bootlicker

Release Date: 30th October 2020

Genre: Hard Rock

Combining hooks and humour seems like the way to do things in life. Pirates have been doing it for years and now it’s time for the music scene to capitalise.

Attendant’s latest track, ‘Bootlicker’, sees the trio build on what they started with ‘From Adam’ earlier in the year as they poke fun at those who are just that little bit too insecure about their political beliefs. You’ll struggle to find a country in the world without anyone that can relate to that.

If you’re after a fast-paced rock track that has hallmarks of so many bands over the past 20 years without sounding like a copy of any of them, Attendant are the band you need in your life right now.

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