Singles Only 2020: Vegasettes – Just Another Animal

Vegasettes – Just Another Animal

Release Date: 25th September 2020

Genre: Hard Rock

Not all songs need to have a ‘meaning’, a theme or story behind them, but when they do and it’s a topic that really matters it can truly elevate it. That is what Vegasettes are trying to do on ‘Just Another Animal’.

With lyrics like “I’m just another animal, I don’t know why you look surprised”, it’s pretty clear to see this song is about the ridiculousness of judging people by how they look and the disgust around the fact that that is somewhere still happening in 2020.

With vocals that have echoes of Kurt Cobain through the choruses, full throttle guitars and hooks throughout, ‘Just Another Animal’ wouldn’t need that extra story to be a strong track. The fact it does have it though shows how exciting a band Vegasettes are.

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