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Album Review: Thousand Below – let go of your love


Release Date: 21/08/2020

Record Label: Rise Records

For Fans Of: Dayseeker, Speech Patterns, Picturesque 

One of the silver linings of lockdown was the spare time it granted us, time to ourselves that we are likely never to get again. For many that involved binge-watching Netflix shows and questioning how long is too long to wear the same pair of pyjamas? (No judgment here!) That wasn’t quite the case for Thousand Below though. The Southern California outfit decided to use that time wisely and create let go of your love, and boy, are we glad they did…

We had the idea to do an acoustic/remix EP for a while, and with everyone stuck in lockdown, it seemed like the perfect time to do it” the band explains. let go of your love isn’t simply a collection of alternative versions from their back catalogue, it’s an EP that allows for Thousand Below to explore genres and push the parameters they usually work in. “We all recorded our parts at home in San Diego, and got our good friend Sumner from the band Dead Lakes to add a new spin on the remix of ‘chemical‘. We liked the idea of doing a couple songs that were just acoustic guitar and singing, and a couple that were fully electronic to explore that side of the sound we added on Gone In Your Wake.

Fans of Thousand Below will be familiar with the majority of the track-listing, as well as the trademark force and power that the band have at their disposal, but there’s a softer side on show with this record that hasn’t been seen before. Nothing encapsulates this quite like the wonderful rendition of ‘alone (out of my head)’ that is beautiful, raw, and tender, adding an even greater emotional depth to the track. ‘171 xo’ is equally stunning, remarkably stirring, and unsurprisingly flawless in terms of vocals. While the original version of this song had grit and angst, this version feels polished and almost as though the anger has, not quite disappeared, but started to fade at least.

let go of your love, as the band outlined, is more than just the opportunity for Thousand Below to show a pre-watershed version of themselves; it provides the chance for the band to further explore the electronic undercurrents that underpinned their sophomore album, Gone In Your Wake. ‘lost between’ is a haunting effort that reverberates with pain and heartache but at the same time has a groove to it that bubbles away in the background, and it’s a perfect contrast. ‘chemical (feat. Sumner Peterson)’ simmers but never quite reaches boiling point, restraining itself from exploding out of the speakers like it was originally created to do.

There is one original song on the record, the intimate title track ‘let go of your love’. It’s irresistible and charming exterior might be endearing but the interior isn’t quite so joyous. “‘let go of your love’ is about the need to move on from someone who was once the most important person in your life, but won’t be part of your future,Thousand Below explains. “It’s easy to get caught up in remembering the good parts of a relationship and preventing yourself from moving on.

Thousand Below treat fans, both new and old alike, to a rare glimpse into the workings of the band and their creative processes. While a more subtle, refined and gentle aspect of their selves is on show throughout the EP, so is the side of them that is bold, brave, and forward-thinking. 

Rating: 7/10

Recommended Track: ‘alone (out of my head)’

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