Interview: Wilted Flower

We sat down virtually to have a chat with the Nottingham wonder that is Wilted Flower. So Wilted Flower welcome to MNN:

How have you been?
Up and down like most people to be honest! It’s been a weird old time, and I’m just trying to manage it as best I can! Luckily, I’m still working but from home which was hard to adjust to at first but I’m getting used to the new normal now – just missing gigs so much!

We can’t wait to hear the new EP, can you tell our readers all about it?
Here Lies Our Love’ is a 6 track EP that explores the stages of grief from a love that died, and the people I’ve lost in my life. It’s about death, in various different forms basically to sum it up!

It captures the raw emotions and pain felt, which I always try to do in my music! It can be heard in the vocals, It wasn’t easy to record because of the pure emotion, and it’s very sad and addresses the honest things that people maybe shy away from, it’s very introspective.

Where do you think most of your inspiration comes from?
Mostly my struggles with Bipolar, grief and heartbreak. I’m yet to write about happy things but I think it’s just how I write, I don’t like to force anything and make it something that isn’t raw and honest. I definitely don’t sugarcoat anything, I like to talk about the things that are hard to talk about but important

You’ve always been so busy with writing, gigging and releasing music. What would you say is your biggest achievement out of everything you’ve done so far?
Umm, cliche, but this EP. It was written and recorded in a couple of months and was very last minute and I’m so, so happy with it. It’s hard being an indie artist, we had 0 budget for this record, or any of them really so it’s by no means perfect but neither am I!

If you could tour with anyone dead or alive who would that be?
It’s a toss up between Daughter and The Cranberries definitely! Both fantastic artists in their own ways and have both massively inspired me and Wilted Flower in general.

You’re pretty ingrained within the Nottingham music scene. What is your favourite venue to play there?
I’m getting there! I loved playing Rough Trade – that venue is super nice! And I always loved playing the Acoustic Rooms and saying all this in past tense is making me really sad! Next I think I’d love to play the Bodega, I’ve played downstairs a couple of times and it’s always been packed out and had lovely chill vibes!

With the new release “Here Lies Our Love” coming out on the 29th July. Would you say it’s really hard to release something and not be able to play it live?
Oh absolutely. I’m so proud of this material and it feels disappointing to not be able to play shows with it! A tour was planned for October that I’d sadly had to cancel which was a massive bummer but when it’s safe to do so, I’ll be back our there playing as much as physically and emotionally possible!

You’ve been keeping really busy in lockdown with live streams, Do you think you will carry those on till the world resumes back to normal?
Yeah, I’ve absolutely loved them! They’re not as intimate, of course, and you can’t beat a live show but also I’ve loved that people all over the world have been able to see me live, I think they’re a lot more accessible so I’ll definitely be keeping them up!

What have been your biggest challenges and biggest achievements during this lockdown period?
The biggest challenges have been not playing live, as I was playing most weeks and I loved it! On a personal level, it’s been trying to manage my mental health for sure. It’s been isolating and hard – as for most people I guess! Biggest achievements have been coping despite all of this, and managing to write and record an EP that I’m really, really proud of!

So as we are coming near to the end of our lovely interview I’ll like to ask, Where can our readers find you online?
You can check us out on
And all streaming sites!

And finally if our readers have never heard about you before tell them in 3 words why they should be streaming your stuff?I’m not sure if you mean three separate words or a sentence so I’ll do both!

Emotional, raw, honest
It’s very sad.

Thanks so much and hopefully catch you at a show when they return!

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