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Album Review: Blind River – Made Of Dirt


Release Date: 25/05/2020

Record Label: House Of Bones

For Fans Of: These Wicked Rivers, Ryders Creed and Revival Black

Blind River haven’t been a band for very long, since 2017 to be exact, yet they prove sheer determination works as they’ve landed large UK festival line ups. They’ve thrown themselves into the music industry since their debut self-titled release in 2018, and have done just that with this album, Made Of Dirt.

From the title of this album you expect full-on southern dirty rock! Waste Of Life is the first track, and from the first riff it’s definitely just that – southern dirty rock. What’s great about this song, is that the riff and a slightly amended version of the riff for the chorus is played throughout the entire song – even in a lower layer when we have the hard-hitting solo, it’s definitely the perfect track to kick off the album. The title track really shows off Harry Armstrong’s vocals as he hits those high notes, it’s commanding and fast-paced, which is clear to why this is the title track. Slow Begins The Sickness is acapella for the first 15 seconds, it’s refreshing to have a song that doesn’t have to start with riffs, keeps it interesting!

The feel of the album is taken down a notch as we break away from the high energy riffs within Gone and Psycho Sapien. The lyrics stand out on these tracks which really make them be able to connect with their audiences more. There are a few five minute songs in the mix, these two songs included, but they each have separate parts within them which really takes you on a journey.

Made Of Dirt’s natural flow makes listening to it a really enjoyable experience. The fast-paced riffs and gritty vocals are the main attraction, so typically this will be the headliner in the majority of the tracks, particularly in Horsehead giving you constant riff harmonies. No Surprise finishes the album and does just that too, it’s the ideal way to end the album. You’ve got catchy chorus’, big bass lines, and guitar licks that will have you headbanging in your car!

Blind River prove they know what they’re doing with this album. They have you hooked from the beginning and give everything they’ve got. If you are a fan of heavy rock with serious riffs, you should get your hands on this album.

Rating: 7/10

Recommended Track: Horsehead

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