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Singles Only 2020: Glass Heart – Dark

Glass Heart‘s latest track ‘Dark’ has arrived and it’s an effort that has the feel of a band who are here to stay. Hailing from South Wales, the four-piece only formed in August of last year which makes this effort a great deal more impressive considering its polished and mature sound.

‘Dark’ is a message to those in a bad place but are having to be strong for others, with this track offering light at the end of the tunnel that they aren’t alone in this. This song from Glass Heart is bursting at the seams with passionate and powerful lyrics, and it bears a sound that is not dissimilar from early Young Guns material (think ‘Weight of the World’), and that is high praise indeed.

Everything about ‘Dark’ feels empowering, from its anthemic chorus, to its larger than life aura. Glass Heart are certainly a band that are worth keeping your eye on.

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