Singles Only 2020: Wishful Thinking – Time To Be Alone

Wishful Thinking – Time To Be Alone

Genre: Pop-Punk

Release date: 24th April 2020

Punk tracks as a whole should be short and punchy as far as I’m concerned. Wishful Thinking got that memo on their break-up anthem ‘Time To Be Alone’ as they race through the track in under 90-seconds.

The message of the track is fairly simply laid out in the constantly repeated title of ‘Time To Be Alone’ as it runs through the emotions people have after a break up. The energy of the song is what prevents it from be ‘all emo’ as it feels like the sort of track that when you’re walking down the street makes you speed up a little.

Not every song has to be all happy and lovey. Which is lucky for the guys in Wishful Thinking I guess. Just be grateful this isn’t another ‘we’re in lockdown’ track.

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