Singles Only 2020: Titans – In Recognition

Titans – In Recognition

Genre: Melodic Hardcore

Release date: 9th November 2019

As far as thankyou’s go, writing a heavy, yet still pretty melodic, track isn’t high on many people’s list of ways to do it. This is lucky for Titans and their singer Sean who wrote ‘In Recognition’ as a thank you for those who stood by him during a dark time in his life.

The song bursts out of the gate with a fury of drums, guitars and vocals and sets out a heavy stall immediately. Despite the accessible guitars for parts of the track, this is still heavy as fuck. This is the sort of song you hear blaring out of the mainstage of Download at 11.30 in the morning as you slide through a river of mud with a burning hangover that somehow is cured immediately.

So, next time you need to say thank you to someone, maybe just play them this track instead of trying to write your own. You won’t be able to do it half as well as this.

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